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Slippery 8 Loop
Completed Slippery 8 Loop
This adjustable loop* was described to me by Dave Poston and probably was discovered by him.  It has surprising security for an adjustable loop and has the unique feature that the loop cannot possibly contract under tension should extraordinary circumstances cause it to slip. 

One extraordinary circumstance to avoid is having the legs of the loop at a 90 degree angle or greater when under tension.  Having the legs at an angle greater than 90 degrees puts the Slippery 8 into its adjustable mode.  This knot depends on having the end of the rope "turn the corner" for its security, so don't sabotage it.

Dave requested that the official name include HFP in honor of his father who introduced him to knots.

*Although adjustable, you typically adjust this loop before you use it, rather than using it as a tensioning mechanism.  As a tensioner, it doesn't have an easy means of release unless you use it in concert with an easy-release knot on the other end, like a Slipped Buntline Hitch.
   Though my pages deal with rope knots, I have heard from people successfully using the HFP Slippery 8 as an adjustable loop in fishing line for odd jobs.

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